Corporate philosophy

Ready for the future


Everything we do is focused on our customers and their needs. Our solutions help our customers reach their goals. Only our customers' trust and satisfaction will make it possible for us, along with our customers, to exist on the market in the long term which is why we have made it our goal to provide our customers the best service possible wherever their site is located.

Bohnert management guidelines

Our management culture at Bohnert is based on the values of reliability, loyalty, appreciation, openness and honesty. For us, friendly relations with employees are an important aspect in promoting a good working environment.

For our managers, these guidelines set the benchmark for their dealings with their employees. For our employees, they offer the assurance that management is based on general principles, whoever their manager might happen to be.

Provide guidance

We, the senior staff of Bohnert, aim to serve as role models and set a good example to our employees. We want our conduct to provide guidance to employees and to create trust. We define responsibilities and delimit roles clearly, thereby encouraging independence and self-reliance among our employees.

Create a good working environment

We promote good health among our employees in a sustainable manner with a range of health protection measures. Because only people who are in good health can contribute all of their energies to their work and achieve the best results.


Our aim is to communicate openly and fairly and to share information in good time at all levels. We address diverging expectations and conflicts openly and resolve them collectively in a timely manner. We encourage cross-functional thinking and practices.

Nurture careers

We meet with our employees on a regular basis to discuss their wishes and needs in terms of ongoing training and education, and offer them qualification measures to meet those needs.

Assume responsibility

We assume responsibility for the tasks entrusted to us in the context of our corporate objectives. We stand by both the decisions we take and the actions of our employees.


Collaboration based on partnership and respectful cooperation is important to us. We appreciate good performance on the part of our employees and give due recognition to their flexibility.