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A young Bohnert engineer on the junior management program

Marco Waidele on the junior management program within the Kern-Liebers group



As part of the Kern-Liebers group and with close links both to other subsidiaries and company headquarters, Bohnert GmbH offers the ideal conditions for young and motivated people to get ahead and to specialize according to their goals and inclinations.

Rotation within the group's subsidiaries allows insights into company-specific product ranges and processes, from the organizational level to issues related to production.

The junior management program, which is specially tailored to the needs of newly trained engineers, is characterized by support from mentors in each station and the deepening of knowledge through a range of different seminars. The primary objective – to groom the next generation of managers – is reinforced by the good networking within the organization that is fostered by the rotation program and by integration into the KL group's customer and supplier base.


During each station in the rotation program, the focus is not only on the specifics of the individual locations, there is also a closer examination at each location of the key focal points in various segments (sales and project management, sales and product development, production and development, and so on).


Responsibility for independent project work across locations reflects the confidence of company management in tomorrow's managers.

To date, I have gathered experience at Bohnert GmbH, Kurt Meder GmbH and Schweizer GmbH & Co. KG. After the next rotation station at Kern-Liebers company headquarters, the rotation will be expanded globally to reinforce international skills.

I am looking forward equally to the opportunity to contribute individual initiative and personal responsibility in helping to shape the KL group's first graduate program, and to the steadily growing network that will benefit me greatly beyond the lifespan of the program. There will also be many insights into various departments and business segments, as well as the development of specialist, management, and methodological knowledge...

... It's an exciting prospect!


Marco Waidele on the junior management program of the KERN-LIEBERS group