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BOHNERT honors employees

BOHNERT honors numerous employees celebrating anniversaries


Next year, BOHNERT GmbH will be looking back on 40 years of company history. Like last year, this year has once again seen an impressive number of long-serving employees honored by the company.

Michael Aust, Managing Director of BOHNERT GmbH, welcomed 15 employees celebrating anniversaries, thanking them for the loyalty and attachment they have shown to the company over so many years.

"Our management culture at BOHNERT is based on the values of reliability, loyalty, appreciation, openness and honesty," said Managing Director Aust, adding that, "For us, friendly relations with employees are an important aspect in promoting a good working environment."

Each of the employees received an honorary certificate issued by the Chamber of Commerce, as well as a present.

Those honored for 15 years of service were Ms Beate Günter, Ms Petra Arnold, Mr Klaus Flaig, Mr Guiseppe Masino, Mr Friedrich Bogdanowitsch, Mr Josip Kopp, Mr Michael Merz, Mr Björn Herrmann, Mr Thomas Zehnder, Mr Ilias Lamprakis and Mr Wolfgang King.

Celebrating 20 years with the company were Mr Theofried Huber and Mr Ralf Geyer.

Mr Bernhard Bargenda celebrated his 30-year anniversary.

And Mr Jürgen Arnold was honored for 35 years of service to the company.

Friedrich Bogdanowitsch, Bernhard Bargenda, Björn Herrmann, Klaus Flaig, Michael Merz, Ilias Lamprakis, Josip Kopp, Ralf Geyer, Wolfgang King, Theofried Huber, Beate Günter, Thomas Zehnder, Jürgen Arnold, Petra Arnold, Guiseppe Masino, Michael Aust