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CIP through LPA

- The Layered Process Audit at BOHNERT GmbH -


"Working towards a common goal" – this is the principle that guides BOHNERT GmbH. To support our core processes, an internal audit system has been introduced. The Layered Process Audit is a system used to review and optimize defined process standards. To ensure that all factors along the process chain are considered, all employees were involved in the establishment of the internal audit system from the outset. With a good response in terms of the improvement of process results and process quality, the LPA has been well received.

Since the introduction of the LPA at BOHNERT GmbH, more than 25 measures have already been initiated and implemented. The fast and efficient implementation of the measures initiated is appreciated by staff. In addition to optimization of production machines and their peripherals, weaknesses in the production processes can be identified and gradually eliminated. Every nonconformity identified in the process is an opportunity to optimize it!

In accordance with the principle of the LPA, and also individually, BOHNERT GmbH intends to continue to establish the user meetings, while remaining open to the exchange of cross-sector approaches.

The Layered Process Audit at BOHNERT GmbH
The Layered Process Audit at BOHNERT GmbH