From design to high-volume production

Development skills

Design support, spring calculations, CAD and statistical analysis – we collaborate with you to develop your product.

BOHNERT calculates the optimum spring size using both standard software and specially developed spring calculation programs to determine the optimum spring type, shape and dimensions in terms of function and cost:

  • Calculation of compression, tension and torsion springs in accordance with DIN EN 13906-1 to 3 and quality specifications DIN EN 15800, DIN 2097 and DIN 2194
  • Spring optimization
  • Fatigue strength calculation, e.g. Goodman
  • Analysis of vibration behavior
  • Assistance with spring design for constantly stressed parts

Working closely with the customer, BOHNERT provides professional support during the product development phase. We use 3D CAD software to adapt draft designs for parts to be developed to the ideal production technology. To meet requirements regarding load and life cycles, we use powerful calculation software.

In the resulting parts drawing, all tolerances are closely examined in terms of economic producibility. The drawing is optimized to ensure that as many additional operations as possible can be omitted or replaced by more cost-effective manufacturing processes.

With the ability to develop the design of the prototype working together with the customer directly at the machine, the time "from prototype to high-volume production" can be minimized. With this approach, BOHNERT helps to keep costs for new developments as low as possible.

The characteristics and costs of a product are determined early, in the development phase for a product. That's why is a production-oriented design of each individual component in a product is of crucial importance.

With our prototype engineering and the high-volume production machinery we have in place, we are able to produce prototypes. Our customers can already test the first close-to-production prototype samples during the development and testing phase.

A big plus here is that the technologies and expertise of the entire group of companies is available to draw on. Our experts work closely together in this area.

The technologies include

  • Wire and die sinking
  • Laser and water jet cutting
  • CNC stamping and bending
  • Embossing, stamping, fine blanking in sample frames and in production and test presses
  • CNC milling, turning and grinding
  • All common heat treatment processes and special hardening processes
  • Tumbling
  • Steel/ceramic shot peening
  • Laser welding

To ensure an economic and high-quality manufacturing process, it is important to ideally coordinate the individual manufacturing steps. For each new product, we define the process steps and develop the production facilities to implement them. We use standard machines – including modified versions – according to your requirements, and also use special purpose machines where applicable. In addition to the central production processes, we also integrate the accompanying processes.

Our technology experts are continuously developing our processes so that we can implement sophisticated mass production solutions. Our expertise is systematically recorded in our FMEA system. Even at the risk analysis stage, we are already able to make informed statements about the feasibility of manufacture.