Special packaging

Optimum packaging that meets the requirements for high-quality products

Special packaging

Whether you need to protect your springs and stamped-bent parts from damage or contamination, or you require your products to arrive in production in the correct position or counted, we can offer you an individual packaging solution for your application: from small containers in a Kanban system through bags and tube packaging to individual packaging solutions, including in the correct position. With us, your creative freedom knows no bounds.

Packaging is designed primarily to protect the goods themselves against environmental influences, damage, contamination and loss (of volume). But it also protects your employees from injury, for example from sharp-edged and pointed objects. In addition, the means of transport protects the environment and other goods against damage

For the packaging of compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs, bent wire parts, constant force springs, induction coils and stamped-bent parts, we offer you numerous options:

  • Bulk goods packaged by exact number
  • Tube packaging
  • Tape and reel
  • Air bag packaging
  • Packaging in thermoformed inserts
  • Packaging in bags or boxes
  • Packaging in tubes or on rods
  • Adhesion to foil
  • Packaging in VCI or ESD bags
  • Packaging provided by the customer
  • Filling of magazines

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